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Spring is officially here! Now is the time to protect against bugs

2 September 2021 by Steve Huish

The Venette retractable pleated screens are the pinnacle of insect screen technology and style; a unique combination of European and screen Japanese technology.

What is a pleated insect screen?

A pleated insect screen is a stylish choice for any home. Subtle when open or closed, a pleated insect screen retracts onto itself along a flush guide track to sit inconspicuously at the side of the door frame when open and when closed the specially made Japanese polyester mesh will remain almost invisible yet able to stop all insects from getting into your home. The screen is reinforced with high-quality Kevlar cords that hold tension and shape even in windy conditions, or if someone happens to lean on or collide with the screen.

When architectural consideration is of utmost importance, the Venette pleated screen is the ideal system with a low profile design and modern functionality. The system has the ability to span up to 9.3 metres with a height of 3 metres on a single screen.

How do you make a Venette insect screen?

The Venette insect screen systems are custom made to your requirements here in New Zealand, with a range of frame colours that can be custom made to match your home and fit in with the design of your home. The screens are specially produced in Japan to very tight parameters, ensuring a lightweight yet strong polyester insect mesh. The low-profile door framing and retractable system come directly from Europe.

Our experts here in New Zealand measure your door space and assemble the parts to complete your custom made Venette Retractable pleated insect screen.

Why Choose a retractable insect screen for your home?

Aside from the benefits, already mentioned above; they are incredibly easy to use. Sliding on a track means they won’t get in your way like more traditional screens that either swing open or require another windowpane to slide behind.

The bottom rail is also flush which means there is no trip hazard and people in wheelchairs don’t have to contend with any extra framing. The system also has the ability to be installed in windows, meaning that you can have matching systems with impeccable usability. Venette retractable screens are great for servery windows as they can be moved out of the way and then reclosed quickly to help reduce letting insects in and their low profile design means they will be nice and out of the way when open.

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Steve Huish

Steve Huish has an education in industrial design, has worked a few years on the tools, and has numerous years of experience marketing in the construction and home improvement industries. Steve is passionate about telling the stories of kiwi businesses.
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