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Posted on 06/11/2019 by Joanna Wellwood

Pool Fencing for NZ Backyards

Summer swimming is ingrained in Kiwi culture which makes sense when you remember NZ is an island nation with ready access to the ocean, lakes, rivers or swimming pools. Young children adore water and we all smile at the squeals of delight from toddler's when they are playing in the ocean.  But we also know that young children must be vigourously supervised around water and pool fences are a back up barrier for those rare times a child slips away from adult supervision. 

Understanding what is required for pool fencing that is compliant with NZ laws can be complicated, so engaging with an expert early in the process is highly recommended, this will help you it right from the beginning.  You definately want to avoid building your dream pool area only to find the pool fence is non-compliant and you can't use it until it is correceted.   

1200mm arc for objects to be non climbable near a pool fence diagramOnce you have contacted your local HomePlus pool fence expert, they will make a time to visit you to discuss what you want, your choices for fencing which is all backed up with sound advice on meeting the regulations.   For example, one common issue they often help customers to understand is that they can't have anything climable 1.2 metres of the fence (in height and in an arc radiating from the fence top), which includes established trees and furniture, which can impact on design ideas. 

Interestingly, feedback from council pool inspectors is this is a fairly common issue that arises when they are doing their inspections - they find climbable structures such as steps or trees in the nearby garden area.   This is where expert pool fencing knowledge is invaluable, to help with solutions for technicalities and tricky angles in your pool fence design.

HomePlus has a range of pool fencing options - prefabricated aluminium fencing, semi frameless glass or a stunning Frameless glass system.  Many customers choose to combine more than one pool fencing style, often asking for glass fencing for the front of the pool near the house (for clearer views of the kids in the pool) and other styles for the other sides depending on their style preference for the outdoor area. 

The regulations can be quite complicated, but you don’t have to be expert if you work with the experts, so contact your local HomePlus pool fencing expert for help, or see more details here.

 “Drowning is silent – Supervise”  Water Safety New Zealand


Pool fencing from HomePlus showing stepping fencing for keeping the height correct on steps

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